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4 Dene Walk
Lower Bourne, Farnham, GU10 3PL
United Kingdom

01252 712684

Morchard Bishop & Co. Chartered Accountants and business advisers specialising in supporting owners of dynamic, entrepreneurial and growing businesses.



Frequently asked questions



What should you expect from us when you engage our services?

We provide quality services that are designed to deliver specific, identifiable benefits to our clients' businesses.  This means being able to measure the results and quantify the benefits, allowing calculation of the financial return obtained against the cost of the services.

How do we work?

Setting correct expectations is very important in the provision of professional services.  We are very clear in all our communications with both our clients and prospective clients.  This is how we work:

Enquiry and initial meeting

Contact us to provide details of your enquiry and find out more about our services.  We can arrange a discovery call to exchange information and discuss your specific needs. Where we believe we can provide the services you require and deliver the results you want, we will offer you an initial meeting.  We don’t charge you for this meeting.

Having discussed your requirements and agreed on the services we will provide, we will formalise arrangements in a letter of engagement.  This sets out the work we will perform for you, the delivery of the results and the basis on which our fees are payable.


We aim to make the process of welcoming new clients and introducing them to the firm’s services as smooth as possible. The detail will vary from client to client and depends on the services to be provided, and always includes communicating with the client's previous accountants. We will guide you through the steps necessary to complete a smooth transition and obtain the information we need to start work.


Fees will be discussed and agreed with you before the start of an engagement.  We aim to provide a defined set of services for a defined and fixed set of fees. And as your requirements change we can review what changes are required in the services provided and adjust fees accordingly. Fees are typically billed and paid monthly by variable direct debit. Further details are explained in our letter of engagement.


Only the hedges should be impenetrable

Only the hedges should be impenetrable


Please get in touch via the contact page to ask any further questions and discuss your specific needs.