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Morchard Bishop & Co. Chartered Accountants and business advisers specialising in supporting owners of dynamic, entrepreneurial and growing businesses.


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Charles Barker-Benfield

To be the world’s greatest living expert on something so highly specialised that nobody else has even heard of it must be close to the ultimate specialist niche.  And when that specialism becomes the trending topic of the day you can expect the world and his editor to beat a path to your door, tap into your knowledge and experience, and seek out your views.  For example? Your unique knowledge of the pairing rituals of the lesser blue-shaded Himalayan mountain butterflies whose eggs are laid only under the foliage of the extremely rare Little Yeti orchid and whose caterpillars, once successfully hatched, feed only under the light of the new moon…  so rarely seen, these insects exist solely that their wingbeats might trigger monsoon storms…

Alternatively, consider the tech start-up unicorn, that one in a billion enterprise, rare through its spectacular valuation but serving most of the planet and about which most people have now heard (Uber and Airbnb being well-known examples).

Happily most normal life exists somewhere between these two extremes. Although if you are in business for yourself, it’s more probable than not that your business is as unique as the lesser blue-shaded Himalayan mountain butterfly, and probably just as vulnerable to changes in its habitat and climate (your markets and customers’ enthusiasm for your products or services).

As an entrepreneur you’ll want your business to get ahead and make the best use of whatever resources are at your disposal, focussing on what you are good at and finding the best way of getting help with everything else; always looking for better ways of achieving your goals, exploring, testing, refining.  

And if yours is grouped with the majority of other owner managed businesses, you’re quite probably employing less than 5 people, which restricts what you can achieve without bringing in some useful outside resources to help.

Which is where we might come in. Our specialism is not so much that we know everything there is to know about the lesser blue-shaded Himalayan mountain butterfly (we do, and we've shared it all in this blog), or about every different business under the new moon (we don't).  It’s that we provide great support at a crucial time in the evolution of growing businesses.  And it’s the timing of the support that can often be even more important than the niche in which the business operates.  (If you’ve read Douglas Adams you’ll recall The Restaurant at the end of the Universe is not located in some uncharted backwater of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of another remote galaxy billions of light years from here, but moments from the very end of time).  It’s a when, not a where, and keeps coming back to getting your timing right.

Charles Barker-Benfield