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4 Dene Walk
Lower Bourne, Farnham, GU10 3PL
United Kingdom

01252 712684

Morchard Bishop & Co. Chartered Accountants and business advisers specialising in supporting owners of dynamic, entrepreneurial and growing businesses.



Morchard Bishop & Co. accountants in Farnham

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Not all accountancy firms are alike, and we agree that’s a good thing 

In fact it's essential: our research has identified over 275 other ICAEW firms and practitioners within a 10 mile radius of where we are based at Farnham in Surrey. We specialise, not in a narrow group such as left-handed dentists, but by providing financial expertise and support to companies at a critical time in their development – when they need expert help getting their financial engines to work really well, on their way profitably and successfully to grow the fortunes of their owners. (There's a blog illustrating this: see A question of timing).

And this means providing the right level of support, in appropriate measures, at the right time: neither too little too late, nor too much too soon; always affordable (instead of not required right now and too expensive anyway).

The best advice I could give anyone is to spend your time working on whatever you are passionate about in life
— Sir Richard Branson

How does our support work?

For businesses at an early stage, we advise on the initial accounting set up and keeping track of cash and profits, on preparing your first set of accounts and explaining how your prepared accounts can be used as a tool to support expansion of the business.

For businesses at any stage, we also

  • Share financial expertise and advise you and your business as it grows, including providing the experience of a virtual finance director

  • Support the appropriate introduction and use of online accounting software

  • Help you improve cash flow management and facilitate further growth

  • Identify how to improve your business’s working capital engine as well as the management and reporting of your business’s performance

  • Assist with preparing financial plans to enable you to secure additional funding for your business

  • Prepare your annual accounts and tax returns

So, if your business has reached the stage where you now want practical assistance to conquer your unique set of challenges, please get in touch via the contact page to discuss your specific needs.

Calmer waters

Calmer waters

What help do you and your business need right now?

Initial growth

Once you've progressed your ideas beyond the drawing board and your business has launched, you'll be working to sustain the initial growth and keep everything moving forwards. Living, eating, breathing the business won’t be an exaggeration. And so long as it’s profitable and generating cash and still enjoyable, that’s fine.

But you may be worrying whether your marketing is working well enough, if you could be managing cash better, or achieving better profits. Trying to deal with any mismatch between demand for what you’re selling and sourcing it all whilst still growing fast is never easy.  And you won’t want to risk expanding too fast and getting out of control.

You may have found that early growth has been followed by a plateau; competition has bitten into your market and into your profits, leaving your cash flow under pressure. With the need for better control of costs you can lose sight of your original objectives, and risk your view turning inwards. And with all the above happening it’s very easy for the business to start moving backwards not forwards. Being in control of your numbers will give you the confidence to progress.

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts
— Sir Richard Branson

Development and consolidation

Fresh thinking, the injection of new ideas and opening new markets – possibly facilitated by an acquisition – is the logical route when consolidating the development of a business that has survived its initial growth. But judging whether an acquisition is affordable, deciding how it should be financed and funded whilst avoiding the dual risks of diluting profits and the value of the combined businesses will require skill. Success here should lead to significant rewards. 

Succession and exit

You may have survived all the above and are now planning to sell up, your succession arranged and exit to the beach imminent, with plenty of time on your hands to think about starting over.

But wherever you and your business are, your need for timely financial advice and experienced support is likely to remain constant, even though the detail will vary continuously over time.

Full sail ahead

Full sail ahead

How we can help your business

We recognise that every entrepreneur has unique ideas and motivation, and that good finance and accounting practice – whilst equally essential – are not everyone’s cup of tea. We also know that putting both together and making them work properly will help your business succeed.

Most obstacles will prevent you from finding a smooth path to your goal – it's what they're there for (if it were that easy you’d be there already). So, if your business has reached the stage where you want some practical financial assistance to conquer your own unique set of challenges, please get in touch via the contact page to discuss your specific needs and discover how we might help you.

We have over 30 years’ experience with growing, dynamic and entrepreneurial businesses. All with drive and ambition. The key experience, common throughout, has been close collaboration with owners and directors, helping them manage change and find solutions to their many challenges so they can achieve success.

Our services and cloud pages provide further information, and you can find out more about us in the firm and how we work in FAQ.

Ready to run?

Ready to run?